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Setelah kelayapan di internet, cari-cari info dari sana-sini dan bongkar pasang tips (terutama programming), akhirnya baru sadar … ternyata begitu caranya … [all about tricks and tips I have found during my work as programmer.]

Temukan Roy Suryo

LOL. I just found out a site mentioning about “Temukan Roy Suryo”.
I think Indonesian people just know this name, right?

Perhaps you know the “Find Chuck Norris” phenomena, which is the great idea of link baiting. Nowadays, in Indonesia there is a page that came up with that similar great idea.

Well, for the “Find Chuck Norris”, the target of the site mentioned above is a well known film actor, Chuck Norris. And now, this Temukan Roy Suryo site’s target is a “so called” Indonesian Telematics (?) expert, Roy Suryo.

The author of that site has mentioned in the supporting page, that he takes Arran Schlosberg’s idea of making the “Google won’t Find Chuck Norris” page.

But “Temukan Roy Suryo” page sounds a little cynical, considering the behavior of this prominent figure. * grinning *

Temukan Roy Suryo screenshot

By the way, you can support that site too, like I did, by posting it in your own blog. Hehehe … 😛


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PCMAV 1.1 Final Release and the Update

PCMAV 1.1 Final Release finally arrives.

Time has passed so quickly, really. It’s like yesterday when I picked up my PC Media 03/2008 edition, but now it is the middle of March 2008, and PC Media 04/2008 edition has appeared (according to Maseko blog). I checked my neighborhood’s magazine stall but they said that the magazine was sold out.

Darn it, I was late. It seemed like I would have to go to Gramedia Book Store again this weekend for the magazine. My current project needs very much attention and I’ve just forgotten that it was usually the time when a new edition of PC Media magazine showed up again.

Anyway, thanks to Maseko, at least I could still get the distribution of PCMAV 1.1 Final Release from his blog. And I notice that PC Media is having their Birthday again because according to Maseko, the magazine also includes their 12 digital editions from the previous PC Media year 2007 editions, so …

Happy Birthday to PC Media Magazine!

I also notice in current PCMAV release that it includes instructions about PCMAV’s integration with clamav-win32-vc6-0.92 in their Readme.txt
Wow, that’s great. Bravo, PC Media, now you finally give us the complete instructions along with your Readme file. And there are also some parameters instructions for advance users. Great.

All right, to get PCMAV on your own too, as I noticed that some people just got trouble in downloading from Maseko’s links (maybe just too crowded?)
I have also provided the links for you here:

PCMAV Final Release 1.1 (2.14 MB) download link.

New Update! PCMAV Update Build #2 (79.78 KB) download link.

These are the same files I downloaded from Maseko’s blog, I’m sharing them as they were when I downloaded them.

Other Anti virus detection towards PCMAV

For PCMAV 1.1, Maseko has kindly provided the scanning from Virustotal.com, perhaps you want to check out for sure: PCMAV-CLN.exe | PCMAV-RTP.exe

Term of Usage

The intention of PCMAV distribution here (in my blog) is purely to share the benefits of PCMAV with the other PCMAV faithful users: the personal users, non-profit users, and educational institutions, for non commercial and non-profit purpose only.

Please read the Readme.txt within the file you download to make sure you understand their term of usage. And by downloading and using the PCMAV, it means you understand, acknowledge and agree with everything within their end-user license inside the Readme.txt

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.1
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Majalah PC Media
A member of Pinpoint Publications

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Any latest update about Network Solutions???

Long time I haven’t heard about the Network Solutions crap, and just now I noticed someone posted similar news again. It seems like a newcomer didn’t notice the case of Network Solutions (which had ever been talked widely last January 2008) and fell into the same bad experience. I wonder if someone had better put the alert everywhere on the web for the sake of newcomers?

Oh well …
This is the article I mentioned just now. All the credit of the article goes to the original site below …

Customer Protection Measure – The Non Sense of Network Solutions

This case is actually well known since January 2008, when everyone just started talking about it everywhere. In the beginning I just let this topic away from my site, for I thought that everybody surely had known about it, but it seems that newcomers would still come and stumble upon similar experience *again*, so I decided to bring this topic up here too.

For the newcomers of domain name registration, maybe some of you have known … but maybe some others of you haven’t known yet. So let’s make sure that all of us know the same information now.

There is a warning for all of you and I to note and to remember: Before you start searching availability of your chosen domain name to be, beware …

Network Solutions has implemented a program that locks users from registering domains with other registrars, they call it: “Customer Protection Measure”.

What the heck is that? How does it work?

The simple logic flow for easy understanding is:

  1. You were searching the availability a domain name from Network Solutions domain searching interface.

  2. You found they said that the domain you searched was available to purchase.
  3. But, you didn’t purchase it right away (because their price was $34.99 and you knew that your registrar-to-be would offer you cheaper price, and even only around $9), and you decided to go to your registrar instead of purchasing it through Network Solution.

  4. So you quickly visited your registrar page to register the domain name …
  5. But you suddenly found out that the domain name was TAKEN and when you entered the domain name into whois query, you found something similar like this:

    Domain Name: *******
    Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
    Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com
    Status: clientHold
    Updated Date: 02-mar-2008
    Creation Date: 02-mar-2008
    Expiration Date: 02-mar-2009

    (Note: ******* is censored, for the sake of the person -since this is a true story- who naively had searched this domain and now the domain was under ‘hostage’ for $34.99 ransom)

  6. You quickly got back at Network Solutions page, checking the domain name again (either by the same searching interface or by using their whois tool), and you found that the domain was still available there! But it was only available to be purchased right there, from the Network Solutions only.

  7. And later you finally realized, there was a small image (almost unnoticed) on the same searching page, when you clicked it, it would bring you to a page explaining about the so-called Customer Protection Measure of Network Solutions, saying something like this:

“Network Solutions may reserve domain names that are searched on our Web site for up to 4 days. During this period, these domain names will only be available to register at networksolutions.com.”

– What is the Customer Protection Measure? (Network Solutions) –

Got the idea yet?

For more clear insight and information about what has been going on with this Non-Sense Protection Measure of Network Solutions, there are some sites that have mentioned all things we should know about this case:

Network Solutions Faces PR Nightmare Over Domain FrontRunning (Domain Name Wire)

Slashdot | NSI Registers Every Domain Checked

Network Solutions steals domain ideas; Confirmed! (by Jay Westerdal)

front-running, kabateck-brown-kellner, netsol, network-solutions » Domain Name News

No matter what some defenders said about the so called Customer Protection Measure, including their response about this case (read Network Solutions responds to Front Running Accusations at domainnews.com), whatever they said, it is clear that what they implement is no difference with their own definition of Front Running:

Front Running is when an individual registers domains within minutes or hours after someone else has conducted a domain name search on a registrar’s site, performed a WHOIS query or typed a domain in the browser to see if there is an active Web site. Front Runners may get access to these searches through Internet Service Providers, Spyware, or registries. Front Running allows these individuals to attempt to make money from the domain through pay-per-click ads or by re-selling the domain in the aftermarket at a marked up price.

What is Front Running? (Network Solutions) –

Well, Network Solutions, just stop this Non-Sense. What you have been doing and are still doing has no difference at all. You lock the domain name right away after someone searched for it from your searching tool. You may say you are not making money from the domain through pay-per-click ads; okay, but you are displaying your own ads saying that this domain is available to purchase from your site, and by the way, are you saying that you are not displaying your own ads to be clicked? And you say that you are not monetizing the domain, but the person himself / herself is no longer able to purchase the domain from anywhere else except your site (note: before you start saying that it is only for up to 4 days, read on till the end of this article!). In fact, before the person made the searching in your searching interface, the domain was available to purchase from ANY registrar (and for the person’s registrar, it would only be around $9), but then you grabbed it, and froze it so the person would only be able to register it from your site at $34.99.

So, do you still remember your definition about Front Running? I will suggest you to re-read your own site then, Network Solutions.

And for the newcomers of domain registration world, welcome to the Non-Sense of Network Solutions awareness. I would like to advise you to be careful on using domain availability searching tool anywhere, do your prior research towards the whole site to make sure they don’t freeze your chosen domain after you have used their searching / whois tool to check the availability. Especially this tool of Network Solutions. If you don’t plan to purchase a domain name from any registrar (but from another one), don’t toy with the first one’s searching / whois tool. But if you insist on trying it, then try it at your own risk.

They may say: “A customer may phone Network Solutions customer support and request the domain name be released before the end of the reserve period.” But for International registrant candidates, that was just a non-sense to make an international call for just requesting the release of the ‘hostage’ since they were sure that they would never purchase the domain from this site, concerning the high paying difference of the price between $34.99 (Network Solutions) and $9 (their own registrar). Not to mention that the prices of ‘do-it-yourself’ and ‘do-it-for-me’ on the same searching page were misleading the people about the real price for purchasing the domain, and then they would end their search to sudden awareness that the real price for the domain name was $34.99. Now, tell me, how many people would still be ‘faithful’ to purchase when they found out the price?

And not to mention that third parties can now monitor lookups on NSI via the daily additions and deletions from the NSI nameserver by more malicious 3rd parties. So, if you don’t get it in 4 days, a squatter will notice the shown interest and know to register it themselves.

So, take heed to the warning again:

If you are not planning to register any domain name through Network Solutions (or any other registrar), never use their domain searching tools, do not ever toy with their domain searching tools, and I would not recommend you to use even their whois tool either.
However, if you have decided to purchase any domain name, make sure first about which registrar service you would use for the registration, and search the availability of your chosen domain name only from the chosen registrar, and don’t toy with other registrar’s tools (like this Network Solutions has).

Last Note:

Personally I don’t think that Network Solutions is the only one that implements this so called ‘Customer Protection Measure’. However, since the world wide web knows Network Solutions cases and the lawsuits against them, and how that they are still doing the same Non-Sense towards a naive newcomer (just re-read the point #5 above, it still happened again dated March 2, 2008), I decided to put this post up, so the others will also take note and then be careful next time.

Enough said for today.

This is an exclusive article for the readers of http://potentialact.com and has been published under business, front runners, future sake category by Byeol since Wednesday, March 5th, 2008. This article may be used for free for non-commercial usage as long as the credit still goes to the original source: http://potentialact.com.

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PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.0 Final Release

For most of you, perhaps you have ever searched PCMAV RC25 on Internet and found search results claiming PCMAV RC25? Maybe you ever notice that there were even the word ‘crack’ in the result? Well, this is a news for you, People. PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) doesn’t release RC25 but this time they release as “PCMAV 1.0 Final Release”. I noticed it when I finally got my PCMedia magazine.

Yes, from now on, PCMAV no longer uses “Release Candidate”, but the antivirus enters the “Final Release” phase. What’s new in this release? PCMAV RTP now runs as Windows service, some parameters usage that had never been documented back then, such as repairment towards some bad / corrupt registry (that was corrupted by viruses), and so on. Well, since this is Indonesian anti virus, of course the Readme.txt there is in Indonesian … so check it out for yourself or you can go to VirusIndonesia site or Maseko blog for more information.

Download links:

You can also download the zipped version of PCMAV 1.0 Final Release here (zipped, 2.11MB), it contains PCMAV-CLN, PCMAV-RTP and the Readme.txt

and this is the Update for PCMAV 1.0 Final Release: Update Build #1 (zipped, 68.77KB)

Usage Notice:

The intention of providing PCMAV download from this blog is only to share the PCMAV files from PC Media magazine I own, and I’m doing it as personal, and as their usage term requires.

I provide this download page for personal computer / home usage and for non-commercials. Please respect the original creator of PCMAV, by downloading and using PCMAV, it means that you understand and agree with the end-user license mentioned in the Readme.txt file.

Quoted from the Readme.txt, the end-user license (in Indonesian) of PCMAV:

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) merupakan karya dan hak cipta serta
bagian yang tak terpisahkan dari PC Media, majalah komputer bulanan
yang diterbitkan oleh PT Dian Digital Media yang merupakan bagian
dari kelompok penerbitan terkemuka di Indonesia: Pinpoint

PCMAV tidak dinyatakan sebagai program yang bersifat public-domain
(milik publik) maupun freeware (tanpa biaya), tetapi Anda bebas
menggunakan dan menyebarluaskan program ini secara UTUH dan LENGKAP
(termasuk file README.TXT ini) tanpa dikenakan biaya apapun
sepanjang PCMAV tidak disertakan bersama dengan materi yang
melanggar hukum dan ketentuan program seperti yang akan dijelaskan
pada bagian ini ditaati.

PCMAV dan seluruh program antivirus buatan Majalah PC Media
diizinkan untuk pemakaian tunggal oleh pemilik Majalah PC Media
pada edisi yang menyertakannya, baik itu pemilik perorangan maupun
badan hukum pada satu lokasi. Selain itu, program ini juga diizinkan
untuk pemakaian di komputer pribadi/rumah, lembaga nirlaba atau
lembaga pendidikan yang dibiayai oleh negara/lembaga nirlaba.



Anda juga tidak diperkenankan melakukan segala tindakan, baik
secara langsung maupun tidak langsung, yang dapat melanggar hak
atas kekayaan intelektual, termasuk tapi tak terbatas pada apa
yang dimaksud sebagai reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble,
atau memodifikasi PCMAV.

Pihak Majalah PC Media telah mengeluarkan segala upaya dan daya
serta mengujicobanya secara sungguh-sungguh agar PCMAV dapat
memberikan hasil terbaik. Namun demikian, seperti lazimnya program
komputer yang lain, Anda sangat menyadari dan memahami bahwa pihak
PC Media memberikan PCMAV dan segala file yang terkait dengan apa
adanya, tanpa memberikan jaminan apapun bahwa program ini terbebas
dari segala macam risiko teknis, dan kami tidak berkewajiban
mengganti segala biaya yang mungkin dapat ditimbulkan oleh segala
macam fungsi dari penggunaan program ini. Untuk itu, sangat
disarankan mem-backup data penting Anda sebelum menggunakan program

Dengan memanfaatkan/menggunakan PCMAV berarti Anda mengerti dan
setuju dengan seluruh ketentuan ini.

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.0 Final Release
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Majalah PC Media, a member of Pinpoint Publications

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