Ooh … Begitu! I see, I see …


Setelah kelayapan di internet, cari-cari info dari sana-sini dan bongkar pasang tips (terutama programming), akhirnya baru sadar … ternyata begitu caranya … [all about tricks and tips I have found during my work as programmer.]

Electronic Japanese-English Dictionary

hi Guys,

I accidentally found a website about an electronic Japanese-English dictionary for Windows. you might want to check it out too. the link is here: http://jbrute.com/

the webmaster (the creator, I believe) at the front page of his site, said that he wrote this JBrute to help with his own intermediate study of Japanese. wow … such a great personal effort and dedication in learning a language! I should have thumbs up for this guy.

now it reminds me, it has been long ago since the last time I took Japanese lessons (and gave up for the difficulties of Kanji, the ‘Chinese’ character of Japanese). I want to try it too, as I feel regretful for giving up learning the language back then. if I had kept learning it, maybe I would have learned programming tips in Japanese programming forums too. šŸ˜¦

well, probably it’s the time to go back and pick up my old Japanese books again … I think I should. šŸ˜€


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