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200 Pounds Beauty (Korean movie)

Okay, today I’m not talking about programming or any software related thing. I’m talking about movie now because there is a moral behind this story about this world, something we need to ponder about.

Well, this is actually not a new movie, but I think many people have still watched it again and again. I am one of them. 😛

200 pounds beauty. overweight Anna and the new Anna

200 Pounds Beauty. A Korean movie.
Hilarious, but ironic, I believe, but really touching at the end. Whether you finally agree with the moral of the end of the story or not, you are the one who have the opinion.

This movie is about Anna (some said Hanna), an overweight girl who worked as a lip sync vocalist for someone else just because she was overweight and ugly (sorry for the word, but this is from a review text I got) to have her own stage performance, so the producer placed her as a lip sync vocalist for Ammy, a sexy famous Korean pop singer in the story, who actually had no good in singing, she was only good in dancing.

It was because Ammy was slim and sexy, so the producer put her on the stage no matter how bad her own singing was. And Anna, her voice was beautiful but her appearance was ugly. The producer might have felt that he couldn’t waste Anna’s beautiful voice and talents in singing but he just felt he couldn’t display her on the stage, so how? He put Ammy, the sensational sexy artist to perform the dancing and movement, while our main character Anna, sang for her at the hidden place.
Yeah, quite not fair, right? I think this is the message behind the story about this world’s entertainment.

Anna, however, had great talent in singing and had a very beautiful voice. And she even had a side job as the girl who answered sex-phone-chat-line (*surprised*) because she needed a lot of money for her Dad, who had Alzeimer disease (I guess).

I love the “Byeol” song by the way (both version, sung by Kim Ah Joong who played as Anna, and also by the original singer Yumi), and “Ave Maria” sung by Kim Ah Joong herself.

Later, Anna got humiliated by Ammy, in front of the people including the producer whom she liked a lot. Anna felt desperate and decided to disappear from the people’s sight. She once tried to commit suicide, but one phone call from her sex-phone-line regular customer (surprised that she even had this one?) changed her life. The customer was a plastic surgery doctor and she later decided to go to the doctor’s place to get a total makeover on her body from head to bottom. *gulp*

You have to see when she came to the doctor’s room and gave ‘threat’ to the doctor in order to get a total plastic surgery makeover for her. I almost fell down rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this part of movie.

So later the doctor agreed to give the plastic surgery. And then Anna disappeared for months. Nobody could contact her. The producer and Ammy had to cancel the new album for Ammy because … who would sing for Ammy then?

Several months later, Anna had become totally new person after the final surgery. Slim and beautiful lady. And when she appeared, her own best friend even didn’t believe that it was the fat and ugly Anna. There were several funny shots in the movie related to this one related to how people (especially the men) reacted when they saw the new Anna. 😛

The rest of the story was … well, go find the movie for yourself. It is worth to watch, by the way. Kim Ah Joong is great. She is really funny and touching in the movie.

Even though I don’t agree with plastic surgery, I have to admit I love this movie and I have watched it again and again. Not to mention how I love the songs “Byeol” and “Ave Maria”. Both of the songs worth to be heard! I would recommend you to hear these songs.

The movie itself was really funny despite the moral behind the story, but at the end, I still don’t agree with plastic surgery. However, I don’t blame Anna guilty either.

You might be curious and want to see the teasers. I have shared the .flv files online and you can view the whole teasers here. There are 2 files in the album.

Or if you want to download the files separately, you can get the first teaser here. The size is 7.32 MB for the teaser, the background song was “Ave Maria” sung by Kim Ah Joong.

and this second video is the “Byeol” song clip cut from the movie itself (3.38 MB).
This is the part when the new Anna applied for new lip sync vocalist position for Ammy. Well, quite ironic, it means she applied as a replacement for herself, because back then, the vocalist was the fat Anna, herself. 😦 But this song struck me a chord, I mean, WOW, very clear voice and you know, start from that point, this song has made me start to learn Hangul from that moment, in order to be able to sing the song correctly because we can sometimes mistaken the vowels o, eo, u, eu, in transliteration, unless you do literate in Hangul, so I had better read the Hangul lyrics then to know how to spell their words correctly. 🙂

Okay, back to the movie story. You might guess it. The producer even decided to promote her on her own stage. So, she finally sang for her own album. And the sexy Ammy … well … bye bye Ammy. 😛

Kim Ah Joong is a great singer herself, in my opinion. I really love Byeol song. 🙂

BTW, the movies are in .flv format. You can watch all those movie clips using RealPlayer or any FLV player. If you like these teasers, seek the 200 Pounds Beauty DVD on your favorite online DVD movie shops. Really worth to watch, because this one will bring you a lot of laughs and stress reliefs.

Wikipedia even has its page about this movie.
Check it out at this URL:


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4 Responses

  1. amankim says:

    Just wanna ask you, who is the actress who play Ammy in this movie? Ive been searching through the internet but can’t find it.. So tired though..


    Hi Mas Amankim,

    as far as I know her name was “Yun Seo” or “Seo Yun”. But I don’t know her surname, but someone named “Chae Yun Seo” pretty much looked like her. * grinning *

    :: Bongkar Pasang ::

  2. ian says:

    hi my i know the tittle of the last song that hanna or jenny sing in the movie? thanks

    there were two songs,
    별 Star (where she cried and admitted she took the surgery), and Maria.

    :: Bongkar Pasang ::

  3. Eugenia says:

    I think the true moral of the story, unlike the way you perceive it to be, is that plastic surgery is not the solution. She, in the end to become beautiful or whatnot for love, lost who she was along with the pounds. With the plastic surgery, she became artificial.

    In the end, however, she realizes this and finds herself again.

    The lesson the movie is trying to teach is anti-plastic surgery. The main character is one of tons of girls who are insecure about their appearance because of the media and what society tells them is proper. They’re showing a tale of a girl who followed that idea and who later regretted the person she became on the stage, living a lie to everyone and especially herself.

    It says that your resolve and attitude changes/makes you to be the person you want to be, not plastic surgery. Basically, believe in yourself.

    I hope that helped. 😀 Maybe this’ll boost your love for the movie!

  4. cherelyn says:

    i like the song that jenny sing……i like her
    voice too…..

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