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Setelah kelayapan di internet, cari-cari info dari sana-sini dan bongkar pasang tips (terutama programming), akhirnya baru sadar … ternyata begitu caranya … [all about tricks and tips I have found during my work as programmer.]

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.0 RC24

for Indonesian, there is a quick solution for solving local viruses attack and PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) is the solution up till now. free for all to use.

and I just found out PCMAV RC24 release, this is Indonesia’s anti virus [so it is in Indonesian language, unfortunately … :(] but we can integrate it with ClamAV version 0.9x.

anyway, if you want to try it, just download the AntiVirus program here (1.50 MB)

and the update definition file (RC24.VDB) here. (68.39 KB)

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.0 RC24
Copyright (c) Majalah PC Media, A member of Pinpoint Publications.

Other anti viruses detection for PCMAV RC24

Maseko blog said that the files uploaded in his website originated from DVD PC Media 02/2008 Edition he bought. He directly made the zip package from the DVD’s PCMAV folder. But there is something to note: as what the previous releases experienced, some other anti viruses still detected PCMAV as a virus or any other malware. and for PCMAV RC24, two anti viruses alarmed for PCMAV-CLN.exe and four other anti viruses alarmed for file PCMAV-RTP.exe. Maseko said that these two files were uploaded directly from PC Media Magazine DVD, and got scanned using VirusTotal.com

A false alarm? Could be. I don’t know, it wasn’t my capacity to give any confirmation for this. But Maseko blog provided these links for you to review about how VirusTotal.com alerted about:

You might want to visit http://www.pcmedia.co.id/ and Maseko Blog to ask more information (they used Indonesian language, but will probably respond to English readers as well?).
I got information about this AntiVirus from these sites too.

if you can read Indonesian language, please visit the page which Maseko blog talked about this PC Magazine anti virus.

good luck.


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  1. dendy says:

    gimana sih caranya update anti virus pc media(secara manual)?

    halo, maksudnya sudah didownload atau update dari pc medianya? biasanya ditaruh aja file updatenya di folder yang sama dengan exe pcmavnya.

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