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Setelah kelayapan di internet, cari-cari info dari sana-sini dan bongkar pasang tips (terutama programming), akhirnya baru sadar … ternyata begitu caranya … [all about tricks and tips I have found during my work as programmer.]

to close singleton JInternalFrame the default way, but not using dispose()???

hi, I read your close a singleton JInternalFrame from an outsider customized JPanel tips and I had a problem with that.

remember your line about to close the singleton JInternalFrame from its separated customizeable JPanel coding?

this was only to setVisible to false. now if I want to close it (but still, do it according to my setDefaultCloseOperation(HIDE_ON_CLOSE); method). how to do that?

to call dispose(); won’t solve the problem. this would really call the dispose as its close operation. I just wanna make sure my singleton JInternalFrame would do the default close operation whatever I would set onto the setDefaultCloseOperation(…); thingy. do you know how to do it?

thanks for your help.

thanks for reminding me. I just found it too …

((JInternalFrame) getRootPane().

doDefaultCloseAction(); will serve it well.
thanks for dropping by and asking. have a nice day of coding … šŸ™‚


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