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Setelah kelayapan di internet, cari-cari info dari sana-sini dan bongkar pasang tips (terutama programming), akhirnya baru sadar … ternyata begitu caranya … [all about tricks and tips I have found during my work as programmer.]

Java IDE or what?

a lot of Java IDE out there … hmm, quite a knocking down for me.

don’t get me wrong. there are good Java IDE tools out there, and surely, NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder, and those vivid eye catching features and screenshots would make me gape in awe.

it’s a pity, the computer resource here is quite limited. now I’m curious, which one should I pick up? and what purpose to use any Java tools out there? for coding, learning, or fancy GUI design?

for a limited resource at my place, using Java Text Editor should be sufficient for a while. I just can’t stand using NetBeans or Eclipse and then I would have ‘non responding’ screen-alike.

I remember back then I used JCreator with a very limited computer specification to make a computer player for Othello, and it was quite a good tool for learning Java.

JCreator is light, it has simple appearance, and especially when you already had source examples or any offline tutorial … perhaps start coding using text editor is still sufficient enough, I believe. well, at least for a ‘hardcore’ coder like me.

well, guys, if you have found out any Java tools out there which is as light as JCreator and the tool would still allow you to have any ‘form designer’ preview, please let me know. thank you for dropping by and posting your comments and / or suggestions.


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2 Responses

  1. vend says:

    i recommend Netbeans 5.5.1.
    although netbeans is heavy, but you’ll just find it so comfy working on java-code for a whole day on it.
    aduh, susah pake english.
    intinya, meskipun netbeans itu buerat, tapi jadi favorit banyak penggila java, dari yang maunya praktis2an drag-and-drop, sampe yang coding gila2an. coba dulu deh, tar kan tau alasannya 😉

    ya sih … akhirnya memorinya daku tambah deh, memang praktis tinggal drag-and-drop, tapi kalo mau customize component pake coding tersendiri, agak ribet ya? layar javadocnya kok rada-rada gitu ya? thanks atas sarannya. 😉

    :: Tukang Bongkar Pasang ::

  2. raged with netbeans says:

    hi bkps, I would NOT recommend Netbeans to you. Two words for Netbeans: “Netbeans SUCKS”.

    Everytime I tried to rename a component, Netbeans would just ‘hang’ like that. I would have to shut it down by force from my window’s Task Manager.

    Why would the IDE have java.exe consuming 200,000K ++ memory usage? I’m using 1GB memory and Intel Core2 Duo with Netbeans 6.0

    I’m considering of switching to other IDE.

    Enough with the craps!

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